- Địa chỉ mua thẻ game uy tín, an toàn, chiết khấu cao cho game thủ Việt ở nước ngoài.

Chi tiết

Terms and Conditions Exchange/Return

Policy Exchange/Return only return card in case of the card has been used before moving on to the customer. After the tranction is complete, all the cards that had been ordered will be unable to exchange/return.
- If you encounter orther problems that makes recharge failed (ex: error system or maintenance systems, etc...) do not hesitate to contact us for help. We are 24/7 service.
- After sucessiful payment, if you want to cancel the orders, will accept if we have not sent the card code to your email, please touch with us via: [email protected] to cancel. If we have sent the card to your email we will note accept a cancellation request because the card code has been revealed.